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terrybiddington. Day job: Dean of Spiritual Life and Lecturer in Practical Theology at Winchester University. Other jobs: writer around theology and spirituality, preacherman, teacher, dabbling artist, broadcaster, listener, soul traveller, ad-venturer ...

Building the Future: an impossible space to transform the world

For all those who have requested my presentation given at Fisksatra on February 2nd. Please acknowledge my work if you use it .      Stockholm Feb 2019 The question asked of us by this shared ‘cleaving space’ is: ‘For those of us who believe … Continue reading

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breathing in with the pleasure of empathy

I have just finished The Wakeful World: Animism, Mind and the Self in Nature by Emma Restall Orr.  (Winchester: Moon Books, 2012) A really very enjoyable read. Full of fascinating etymological observations, the book has a robust philosophical framework and guides the reader … Continue reading

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Building the future: how an impossible space can transform the world

Delighted to be back speaking in Stockholm on February 2nd at the God’s House/Guds Husset project in Fisksatra. Here’s the advertisement: Since the 1990s good relations have existed between Muslims and Christians (Protestants and Catholics) in Fisksätra through cooperation and … Continue reading

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Multifaith in Sweden and Switzerland

Recent research trips back to visit multifaith projects in Sweden last week and Switzerland earlier in the year turned up further evidence of the importance of such spaces, not only in those places but in all societies seeking to integrate … Continue reading

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Interfaith encounters!

Just been sent this photo with me and the Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth and my good friend Mohammed Ullah.  A memorable occasion. Rabbi Mirvis is a very charismatic character.  (And I look cold and ill-clad standing next … Continue reading

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And so the new year begins

Proverbs 1: 20-31 Mark 8:27-36 There then is wisdom. Above the din of the market place, Above the cries of those selling exotic foods and excellent wines, Above the voices of those seeking to persuade, lure and entice, Above the … Continue reading

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Religion and the 21st Century City, University of Accra, Ghana

For all those colleagues at the conference who asked to have a copy of my presentation: “Do shared religious -or multifaith- spaces point to a brighter future for urban religion?” Here is the link: Do shared religious -or multifaith- spaces … Continue reading

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